Looking for vvvv gamma mentor

Hi evvvveryone,

I am faceing an exiting project and wanted to realize it in the brand new vvvv gamma. Therefore I am looking for someone who is willing to support my with his expertise (paid, of course). Unfortuntly I have no expierence with vvvv beta but I have fundamentals in programming languages like (python, java, Max for Live). At the moment I’m teaching myself vvvv with the help of the tutorials and the Node20 material. The idea would be that I could have some sort of applied teaching (english or german) on the project remotely via skype, zoom etc.

If you are intressted pelase contact me via e-mail: hoffmann [at] blubbmedia.com

kind regards

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Email sent

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Hi Philipp, I wrote you a mail.
Best Christine

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