Looking for VJ - 29.11.-01.12. - Wuppertal, Germany

hello, we’re looking for a vj:

29th november - arrival in wuppertal and setup/practice.
30th november - vj as long as people are dancing.

paid, accomodation

this is your screen:


please write a letter with your favorite animal to:
hello at reaktant . com


i soo would if i had time…

the setup looks intriguing. can you supply more technical details?

Take a look at our homepage.

we don’t make VJing its somthing like LiveLightPainting and i think it will look awesome on your Screens. What you need as Input? I can provide 3 DVI.

if you are intressted write me a Mail.

hey all, thanks for you interest.

output signal should be DVI-D with 1920 x 1080px
used pixels for the led bands are 1333 x 167px


the video signal is automatically converted to show up on the LEDs.

content: shapes, colors, synced to music

a single pixel-perfect fullhd screen is not that hard to do.

what music is it going to be? and how much you propose to pay? what is the occasion and the venue? how many people you expect?

i assume this would be interesting to anyone capable of helping you ;-)

hey velcrome,
and to all still interested,

can i ask you to write an email please?
i’d give you a quick call and put you
directly in contact with the guy making
the decision.

  • music will be kind of 4/4 for est. 1000 people wearing ties.
  • company anniversary, big industrial venue
  • payment you’ll have to arrange

anything else?

edit: eh, wasn’t trying to sound mysterious, it’s just kind of urgent


@velcrome Muti Randolph personally know the … uses very leds and dmx software isadora etc … perhaps the best designer here in Brazil …