Looking for tips\supervision\guidance for an unsophisticated projection mapping

Dear vvvv users, I search for some supervision here. I want to make a little show at a friends wedding. Basically I want to copy this https://vimeo.com/15771781 – outline some of the features of the house, where celebration takes place and let some segments\circles\whatever travel along these lines.

  • I have one week left.
  • I know C++, C# and some more languages\technologies, i.e. I can program, but I mostly dealt with web and scientific computing.
  • I have watched 20 video tutorials yesterday
  • I need help

You may tell me it is not possible to do in a week and if you’re convincing enough I might consider giving it up.

What I would appreciate most is a short outline of nodes that I am supposed to use to get the job done and a short description.

I would have some time before the party to draw the outlines.

Here’s a template of your answer :)
Use node X to draw the paths (so they are visible in the Renderer), that a desired object is supposed to follow afterwards. Use node Y to save the paths. Use node Z to feed the saved coordinates data to the objects that you want to move. Do this and that to hide the paths, during the performance.

Looking forward for any reply.

Hey mezhaka,

It’s not such a hard project actually- although you are needing to take a crash course in vvvv it seems.

If you want to get in touch I can probably help you out- easiest is if you are on skype: my id is everyoneishappy

Well, to be honest, a full blown project like that is only do able if you already know vvvv to some level, learning vvvv and doing some thing like that the proper way is not easy.

So let’s cheat it/ fake it :)

You will not get geometric correct movement, but it is easy.

The thing I would do is create a mask for your object, and just play (black and white) movie clips over it, with abstract shapes. Those clips can be as simple as some white balls bouncing around slowly. So I hope you know some video editing, but, those patches are relative easy inside vvvv.

The mapping that I would do is just some ropes that represent the lines, once you have those matching your video projector, you can start doing shapes around it.

To do it as easy as you saw in that clip requires a lot of patching for the interface alone, so we skip that.

I attached 30 minutes of my life, good luck. And get on Skype for vvvv master Everyoneishappy ;), and a lot of others.

EasyMapping.v4p (29.6 kB)

Also you can give a look at this:

A simple patch to click and draw lines and “stroke” them sequentially,
made by catweasel


Dear Westbam, I thank you sincerely for the help and the 30 minutes of your life. I am really touched. The vvvv comunity seems to be very responsive and agile.

Robe, this looks like what I need and I will try to combine this with Westbam’s solution.

everyoneishappy – I have added you to the skype contacts, but I guess it takes time, till this invitation reaches you.