Looking for new VVVV users to patch with

I’ve been playing with VVVV for the last week or so. I haven’t gotten far, so I thought I’d ask here for other people new to VVVV to join me in learning. I’ve used PD a lot, so graphical programming isn’t new to me, and it’s taking me a while to get used to the new format (Especially that CTRL + 1 not making a new object).

The idea here is that we would try to create patches, and learn along the way together.

Here’s hoping there’s some takers!

yes indeed some sort of patching quiz would be nice to have, to discuss ways of working something out. or a ‘least nodes’ challenge

I guess I’ll start with something lame? A few hours, over a few days, of playing around and I got this. I’m sure there’s an easier way around it, and for some reason the output is really pixelated for some reason. I’d like to figure out some way to get the rotating segments to show up in the background, while keeping the circles nicely coloured. Not sure right now.

ring grid thingie.v4p (27.6 kB)

there does seem to be a lack of presence, except for ffm.

I learned with other vvvv-ers on Skype. skype

I am not that active there anymore, but it is a great way to get quick help.

And for Face to Face help, depands on where you live m8! @map

@GGML, we can start an “remove 1 add 3 nodes” game to create something cool :)
(not sure about the rulez yet)

@west sounds interesting, i hope we can do without github

Sure we can do it here on the forums? You post a patch with a renderer and a quad and a transform, the next will add some nodes and post that, etc…

Just need to think of some clever rules :D

I guess I should add, over the forums or e-mail was the intention. I’m not very good at the moment (I just discovered how to use the RenderTargetFisheye and Camera nodes).

Well, just add everyone on that list to your Skype account, think it works better and faster than email, and it is totally okay to ask questions here on the forum, you will get answers within a day!!

I`m in :)

lets see about the rules:

i am from 14-10-05-22-55 (cet).v4p (1.6 kB)

Version two.

i am from 14-10-06-14-07 (gmt).v4p (9.1 kB)

I like this idea, its great to see how other people would patch the same thing. How about if a simple challenge was presented and each person posted their own patch solution to the same problem. And then only after you had posted your patch you could look and see how others did the same?
For example, how would you create a 2D arrow in the renderer and when you clicked your mouse somewhere in the renderer the arrow would rotate toward the mouse click and then travel to that point?
My Effort is attached.

FollowTheMouse_AndyC.v4p (12.7 kB)

Here’s my attempt. The rotation is a bit mental. Learned all about the Store (Spreads), and how to increase the resolution when using DX9Texture, which was driving me crazy. Good fun :D :D !!


Andy, does Vector (2D Split) turn co-ordinates into two usable numbers? There doesn’t seem to be a helpfile with it. The rotation is really nice and smooth.

followthemouse_what.v4p (20.4 kB)

Yes, vectors are like a spread, but with the sequence ABAB (=2D) or ABCABCABC (=3D) , we mostly use it for XY or XYZ coordinates.

The smoothness is done with a damper. Check compare filters in girlpower. But for your patch (followthemouse what), check the pin Cyclic on the damper node :)

I did a tut on the S+H node, on youtube, worth checking out.

@Andy, i tried really hard to NOT use Points2Vector… but I failed…

@What and GGML, a rule should be no hardwarte devices (cozz I dont have a cam connected ;) )

Follow Mouse Wait West.v4p (15.2 kB)

@Westbam: try Heading (Animation), Slope (2d) and Angle (2d)

@ Joreg… learning every day :D

@west another rule should be to use latest beta (i.e. mouse nodes have changed recently)

@Westbam: I’ve watched all your videos twice, gonna give them a third run to hammer everything home. Didn’t think about using the S+H. What does Cyclic do? I’m still unsure about that, even though it worked perfectly. Yours is real graceful.

this might help to demonstrate the power of vector nodes.

as for rules, i simply chose to stick to 2d, ex9, mouse input and high framerate.

i added some extra bells and whistles for even more smoothiness for the interested audience. feel free to play with it and don’t forget mighty F1

edit: to start dancing, press right mouse button tightly

EX9, pure 2d (27.7 kB)