Looking for a LED wall company in northern Germany

Dear Vvvvellows,

sorry for going a bit OT, but we’re currently looking for a company to do a indoor LED wall setup for a dashboard/infowall at one of our clients. The gig would consist of initial setup of the screen and an additional service and maintenance contract. The clients location is in Hannover Germany.
We’d be interseted in your (hopefully positive) experience with providers and any good recommendations.


No prior experience, just off the top of my head:

https://schnick.schnack.systems/ - I know people who have worked with them and haven’t heard anything bad.
https://www.ict.de/ - everyone probably already met someone of those guys at a fair.
https://www.leditgo.de/ … who are a manufacturer though.

Maybe https://www.satis-fy.com/ @MSBERGER ?

I worked together with Leurocom once (now called Expromo ) for a meso project. Pros.

I don´t really know any companies in Hannover and I would lie if I said, that I had an overview about the ones in Hamburg, but maybe visiontools might be interesting for you. We once got an LED wall from them for an university project and they were really cool. However, I´m not quite sure, if they also do the installations and maintenance…

Besides them, and as you mentioned satis&fy, you might also try PRG.

known for good LED walls in Hamburg, they do lots of hi-end walls for the car shows

Thanks for the swift replies. Much appreciated! I’ll report back once the project goes ahead :)

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