Longest running patch ever?

Hi vvvvriends

What is the longest anybody has ever run a patch?
I ask because I’m working on an installation that will be displayed 24X7 for at least 10 months.
I’d love to do it in vvvv, (it would be the first time I pay for a license!)
My options are VVVV, PD/Gem or Processing. Right now I worry about the computer crashing due to the program leaking memory over a long period.

So, what do you think, is vvvv stable enough?



i think vvvv will do the job

vvvv is pretty stable, my longest run was 4 weeks though. but you can implement an automatic restart of vvvv…lets say every night. see shutdown node…

vvvv has been developed with this kind of application in mind.
memory leaks have been closely observed and typically wont make any troubles here (some exotic nodes might not have been tested, but you can always check for yourself with the Memory (Debug) node).

personally i would always opt for a switch which would reboot the computer here and then, as reliably testing long term stability will take the same 10 months and you may not have the time to do that. even if vvvv does the job well, there might be plenty of other causes like driver memory leaks, other applications etc. so better test it for one week and then routinely reboot it each week.

floating point precision with high numbers are an issue to be aware of when running patches for very long time.

Great! Thanks for the tips Oschatz I’ll definitely implement them. Love this community!


Our VBSG Panel patch is running day and night for about three years now without a stop and without any maintenance. and its planned to run for at least another 5 years…