Logitech Webcam c920/930 and OpenCV

I have severe framerate issues with VideoIn(CV.Image) and c920/c930 Webcams at resolutions beyond 640x480. At full HD it’s around five fps. VideoIn(DShow), on the other hand, manages 30fps HD quite nicely (Image Format MJPEG, YUY2 is just as slow as when using OpenCV).
Does anybody know how to get this Webcam to work with the OpenCV node? I’d really prefer it over DShow, as DShow regularly loses the driver settings.

I have the c920 and I haven’t been able to replicate your issue with both the VideoIn(CV.Image DirectShow) and the VideoIn(CV.Image VfW) node. I get 30fps at 1920x1080 fine. (I’m running vvvv b34.2 x86)

I guess you could try the usual stuff: Update video drivers, mess around with/reinstall the logitech webcam software, try a different version of VVVV, etc.

That’s probably not much help, but I guess at least it’s theoretically possible to get 30fps from this camera with OpenCV.

I was running 33.7 x86, but I have the same issues with 34.2… I can’t get CV.Image VFW to even accept HD, it just keeps streaming 640x480.

I’ve tried this on four different PCs with both c920 & c930. I wonder what’s so special about yours…