Logical question for simple gesture handling from simple array

Hi, i have an array of 3 light sensors in triangle. Each one is sending an amount of values depending if occulted by the hand.

I would like to obtain simple gesture informations from this array : left - right - up - down -

does anyone has any idea on how to achieve this ?

thank you

From description i’ve would some thing like Queue for a resulting value like left, right, top, bottom, whatever… Then i’ve would also Queue the time it happened, and remove values from queue after like 3-4 second, then i’ve would check queue for a gesture eg. if slices are = left, right, top then AND (Spectral) guesture => clear queue

GuestureDetector.v4p (15.4 KB)

hum i obliged to queue, but time based approach is quite… hum hum … messy in this patch

approche gesture.v4p (63.9 KB)

i have here a graph that i m trying to use, as its same type of curve and disposal:

i m searching a way to test approximate curves… the hand gesture is defined by who is the first Highest in time.

I still don’t see why you can’t monitors peaks in your graph with simple high pass and then check witch peaks in witch order are hit during some time you expect the guesture to happen

ha, thats a good starting point ! i was searching for similar patterns !
thx you antokhio

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