Logic plugin text input problem


I create all my logic in a plugin node.

I’m sending via udp an ISO 8859-1 string with umlaute and some more special characters. I also read the file names of some videos. when the input string from the udp is found in a file name, the video will be played.

everything is fine so far… but I hve some trouble with the umlauts. for debuggin I parse the udp input into an output variable… the umlauts are gone. where is the problem?

is there a way to debug in the c# editor?

are you able to attach a test patch to illustrate the issue?

as of your description alone i’ve no clue at all. where does your string come from? where does it go? is it your node which sends it over the network or is it done by some other technique? how does the overall setup looks like?
something like
stringwithumlaut -> yournode -> network -> yournode -> stringwithoutumlaut ?