LogFile node improvement

Dear devvvs,

If you have some spare time between 2h and 4h am, it could be nice to change the logFile node in order to write debug message from Write(tty) and writeln(tty) node. (I know the output renderer(tty) + writer node can acheive that too but it’s no so native and convenient)

Moreover it could be nice to add the possiblilty to log multiple kind of message like the “warning” log and the “error” log, instead of choosing between them.

But this is just my point of view, so I’m maybe not aware of some important details…

Thanks by advance

And I forget another convenient feature, I could be nice to have a new input pin for write(tty)and writeln(tty).
This pin would allows to set “write to log file”. So the message is write into logfile only if enable. So the logfile can be different than the tty renderer.

Humm I feel alone for this request :)