Loading texture Problem

Hi guys !

I have a probleme concerning the texture loading node ( filetexture ).

It’s been two day that we are mapping a building loading animations patches in whitch we load dds texture. Until then, no problem.

But yesteday eavening some patches wasn’t loading properly the dds. Some texture were missing, no reasons why… The ‘filetexture’ is locating the right texture in the right folder, same thing for the ‘dir’ node. Any idea Why ?

Thanks !!! :)

many textures? out of memory maybe?

do you get any errors in Renderer (TTY) when this happens?

In fact we had this problem in 33.7 but when we’ve change vvvv version to 34, the bug was resolved… I didn’t had the time to identify what was wrong, but thanks god we did a clean mapping !

Thanks a lot guys for the answers.

Ps : Joreg, I’ll be using Renderer (TTY) when I’ll be back home. (thanks again) ;)