Loading one by one patches

hi eveybody!

in a previous thread tonfilm’s switcher was proposed to me to help dealing with subpatches that needs to be loaded one by one separetly, and not all in one frame at vvvv opening.

i have little trouble to understand HOW this technique may work. and in this simple example, saving my patch_loader.v4p when a load has been done is not possible ( the * stay around). i suppose their is a mismatch somewhere.

i encountered also the classical question of node ID. Trying to give to node id a number +10000 didn t work. so at load its killing previous nodes on the patch.

grandchild suggested the setpatch technique, but also there, i do n t understand how to use it. ( by the way what is previous nickname of grandchild ?)

what i would like to do is:
load one by one a set of 20 subpatches at the opening of my main patch.
thoses patches are working together.

voilà ! for sure that something simple, but touching xml subscript sounds to me a buggy thing for my little skills ;-)


patch loader is buggy buggy (7.9 kB)