Load 3xmax animation


there are any way to load animations form 3d studio?

i´ve exported a .xfile with an animation, and in the .xfile appears the animation data (i explore it with word pad)

i want to export a scene in 4 or 5 .xfiles and animate in vvvv the diferents objects,

will be fine to have the animation data too.

sorry for my english ;)


are there any ways to load animations fromm 3d studio?

Sorry for now vvvv doesn´t support animated xfiles.
But I know it is on Joregs wishlist. Maybe if you bug him a little…

:( maybe in the next beta =D

thanks a lot


but it surely sounds possible to export the animation data from 3ds into a documented format and somehow mingle that it into a xml format which vvvvs timeline understands.

even cooler would be an option to import the animation information right into the timeline. the source is available…

Cool, imagine an exporter for blender what makes a vvvv propietary file to store animated meshes and 3d data!!! could somebody make one?

see also here: it is possible to parse the animation frames out of the .x file (which is a well documented format). it is a bit complicated though, and unfortunately nobody has completed the task yet.

Anybody knows about a luxology modo 302 .x files exporter, i didn´t find it.

now i export the scenes animated in modo 302 to 3dmax, and re-export to .xfile.

another cuestions, the xpanda plugin allows to export the .fx files, but i don´t find them, only the .x one.

i´m missing something?

or in other words is posible to make a shader or something like that in 3dmax (or similar) and export like a .fx file? to use in vvvv

thanks for the comments. and sorry for my english

in 3dMAX there’s a pretty good ‘Point Cache’ utility, whick bakes out all the vertex positions per frame and writes them into a file. seems like something like this would be able to be parsed into XMLformat, then some how applied to a model’s vertices per frame?

Yeah man, thanks

but for the momment is a little bit tricky for me. ;) i´ve used 3dmax for my work but i´m new in the realtime visual area.

i´m going to inquire in the 3dmax utilities.