Hello, i have an Microsoft LifeCAm Studio here, it offers 1080p Video, in the LiveCam software i have fullHD resolution. But in vvvv the stream is only 640*480, the property page doesn`t have the option to set the res. Any idea how i can get the full res into VVVV. I found out that VideoIn gets info from the registry so i was looking for the keys of the Camera to set default resolution or something like that, but sofar without success.

any Idea, would be helpful

Thanks alot

Greetings robi

thats tha cam

Had that Problem too. possible problems:

USB1.1-handshake instead of 2.0
(A) could be the usb-port,try another one
(B) could be usb-hardware on same usb-host, try another
© cable too long - handshaking lowers port to usb1.1

regards chmee

argh… sorry, haven’t read the first sentence.

try another things:
(1) are you using the video-out pin instead of forced preview?
(2) changing the reference clock?

regards chmee

In Win 7 you need to manually uninstall the Microsoft driver to get to full settings and then it should work with default Win driver that allows you to use all resolutions.