Live performance

I would like to use VVVV as a tool for VJing, but rather than the usual video mash-ups my idea is to mix video with synthetic graphics from VVVV. This would require a lot of different patches to create different patterns but only a few of these patches would be used at one time. It also needs to be able to load video files and images while VVVV is still running.

Therefore, two requests:

  • The ability to have subpatches with unconnected output loaded but disabled so that they don’t use any CPU time.
  • VVVV to continue to process while file dialogs are open. At the minute when you open a file dialog the patch operation is suspended.

yes. both requests are well known and will be adressed at one point in time.

for working around the first i´d suggest create an enabled pin in each of your subpatches and wire this to all render objects, devices and renderers. Also set the spreadcounts of your patches to zero when the patch is disabled.

for working around the second there would be two possibilities: option one would be a second computer dedicated to the interface, communicating over boygrouping or explicit udp links. option two would be a filedialog patched in your interface. actually this is not too complicated… i vaguely remember a module here on the forum somewhere.

Fileselector as per forum