List of strings

I would like to make a list of strings, select a string from this list by specifying an index and show the corresponding string in a new IOBox(String).
I tried everything from IOBox(String), Select(String),… but I can’t figure it out.

If someone could help, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

GetSlice (String)

Thanks, tonfilm.

But I can’t seem to use the IOBox(String) in such way, that I could make it as list. I can only put each string in the IOBox(String) by pressing enter after the last string - but if I do so, the GetSlice(String) does not work like it was supposed to. How can I make a list of strings like the one in the GetSlice(String) example?

use Inspektor CTRL+I to see that any IOBox has several possibilities for setting displaying or “spread-handling” options.
may be your io box contains a spread with several slices but only displays the first one.

have a close look at the helppatches of IOBox (String) and IOBox (Value Advanced) and get aware of manyfol configuration options…

and never ever work without inspektor.
he’s our best friend…

Many thanks, kalle… me and the Inspektor are best friends from now on ;)

yeah, you have to promise me!