List of all includeded/linked subpatches

im working again on some guistuff with a lot of subpatches and dependencies… i often have the feeling simple patches are really fast done but as soon as the project gets bigger it becomes really tedious with vvvv…

a list of all included supatches and at which place in the whole patch theire inserted would be VERY helpfull in bigger projects. this way you have a better overview on the whole project, and also which old versions of subpatches you can delete without destroying some connection in the whole project. it would be also helpfull to find modules/subpatches you have accidently placed somewhere in the patch…

maybe a treeview of all linked files?

what do you think?

patrick, for sure we are not the only users missing similar features.

i accustomed starting a new project in a new folder with “templated” subfolders.
when i load modules into that projects root patch i instantly save them to the modules subfolder.
i hate porting patches to other PCs and then all modules are missing…

half a year ago i had to finish patching someone elses patches.
patches were very fine, but the folder structure and the nesting of the patches were a pretty mess…

hm yes i can imagine that it gets even worse when different poeple works on a patch…

a list with missing subpatches modules that vvvv cant find would be cool to…

maybe something like an svn for patches could help too…

yes having an ordered project folder is a major thing when working with bigger projects. i’m using a quite similar setup to kalle:

/some special stuff

thats another one for the tricks page…

And then theres the folders within folders in the subpatch folder…
I find guis to be the most complicated structures, especially with
preset values read and writes.
A save as that saves patches to a directory structure like the patch structure would be good for the final save before moving patches, so you get
-their subpatches

  • their subpatches etc

would be good, I presume that it would be possible to write a patch that did this as all the info is in the patches. Its just the modules that could be trickier!
I’ve meant to have a look at it, but theres always more pressing issues, washing hair, teeth extractions etc!