Links on editing page of documentation

I ran into some confusion with the edit page of the website/wiki. Looks like it needs a bit of a clean up.

content on edit page

Not sure what the bullet point “Wiki” means.

Furthermore it has a link with description “More information about formatting options” which links to
Compose tips | vvvv which has “Compose tips” as description. Its content is actually not a lot and some of it doubles up the content on the edit page itself. So maybe this can be written directly on the edit page?
Also I don’t know what “long help” is supposed to mean.

Much more important is actually the WikiSyntax | vvvv which should be linked to on the edit page, I think.

What do you think?

the website is based on drupal. the confusing information you’re referring too is coming right from drupal. i understand your concerns and we could now certainly go modify their sources but i’m afraid doing such modifications at this point (after 10 years that nobody mentioned it) is probably not going to happen. making changes like this to the underlying sources (even though only of the content) makes it harder to keep track of changes when updating. a future version of the website will have to be more clear on such things of course.

link to the syntax is already there:
oh, cut of here, but you see what i mean. rightmost link: “Futher WikiSyntax”

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