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did some tests with running xenko from our code supplying our own form window. Apparently Xenko takes over your window but you can still control some properties you can control. One of them is AllowUserResizing which is false by default.
this seems to work:

        GameInstance.WindowCreated += (o, args) =>
            GameInstance.Window.AllowUserResizing = true;
            GameInstance.GraphicsDeviceManager.DeviceCreated += OnGameGraphicsCreated;

It works with the Demo you saw in the Teaser video but at first resize it hung up for a while.

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We tried to identify groups of contributors and sorted the item roughly by priority:



  • Combination with VL Async/Threading nodes


  • Graphics API nodes
    – Graphics compositor patching
    – GPU resource binding nodes
    – Constant Buffer management

  • IGPUImage to share gpu textures with other frameworks/vvvv

  • Scene graph nodes
    – Material workflows + node set
    – import + patching materials and textures

  • Target platforms
    – VL export

  • Multiscreen

  • UI nodes
    – Skia?
    – Xenko?
    – NotUI?
    – NoesisGUI?

  • Documentation
    – Help-Patches
    – Demos / Girlpower

External Devs / Studios


  • Multiscreen
  • Multiple Scene graphs (scenes) in the same time
  • Multi GPU (Quadro cards have it abstracted in driver)
  • Gen lock
  • Vulkan vs. DX11/12 (Feature-Performance-Test / API)
  • Non realtime rendering / Control the mainloop by vvvv like node
  • Change resolution at runtime
  • Integrate middle ware (HBAO+, Nvidia game works^)


  • Mesh/Animation import (Export?)

  • Multi scene graph

  • Texture/geometry FX style nodes

  • Special case renderers
    – Spherical
    – Cubemap
    – Offscreen
    – Volume

  • Non visual studio shader editor (for lightweight patching/shader coding)

  • Physics nodes

  • VVVV interop

  • Asset streaming

  • Target platforms
    – Switch render pipeline depending on platform
    – Switch input devices depending on platform

  • (Multi GPU support)

  • Documentation
    – Help-Patches
    – Demos / Girlpower

Users / Studios


  • Max backbuffer resolution
  • Max polygons and other limits
  • API and GPU vendors (ATI, Nvidia, Intel, Quatro, …)
  • Video playback


  • GPU particle nodes

  • Debug materials
    – UV map
    – Normals

  • Documentation
    – Help-Patches
    – Demos / Girlpower


you can’t tell but this is xenko only set up by code (could be VL soonβ„’) and called from a forms app. First hello world triangle with their unifying low level graphics api:

here’s the code:


first results can be found here:

and a second update:

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