LinearSpread - bug or not?

well, for sure not really important:

when setting “Alignment” to “Block” the phase pin doesn’t have anymore influence.
you may see this in the helpfile.

only wanted to point that.

hmm. what would be the intended behaviour?

We discussed this at length. I´ll try my best to recapitulate the discussion…

The block mode means that the spread goes over the full range, with the first slice + width = last slice.
In all other modes all slices have a identical distance.
In block mode the first and last slice behave different.

The urge to change the phase implies that it makes sense to see the spread in a cyclic way. But seen in a cyclic way, the first slice and the last slice are identical, because they are exactly width apart. Think of the case phase would be not equal 0 - the first and last slice needed to have an identical value. Should we shift two idential values around when changing the phase? Should we change the spreadcount as soon as the phase gets exactly 0.000?
Probably not.
So phase is deactivated in block mode.

first off all: my kind thanks for your explanations.

the behaviour i expected was that the sequence of the slices in the spread would change analog to Shift (Spreads), means: with phase = 1/SpreadCount the “next” slice would get the first Slice in the Spread.

but as remarked in the original post: no importance.
i just was a bit irritated.

best regards