does anyone know how to create a z/depth-buffer for lines?

i mean, i have some over-lapping line-art and the ones in the background are not obstructed by geometry in front of them when they should be…

If this is a limitation of V4’s handling of line(EX9.Geometry), is there a better way to create lines?


hi , dont know about the line but usually if you enable the depthbuffer in the renderer should work , crtl+i for the inspektor .hope is just this .

Sounds like a binsize issue…
Is this patch solves the problem?

Otherwise you can try woei’s curve simple shader or the phong directional one :)

Line_binsized.v4p (11.3 kB)

colorsound, close but no cigar, i tried that already and that’s why I was so confused. thanks though!

Desaxis, pint of Guinness for you. you sorted the problem. thanks

now to learn more about binsizes… again…

does anyone know where i can find out what the binsize pin is doing on a line node?

Have a look at the bin size tutorial here.


i’ve seen that, it just doesn’t explain to me what it’s doing with the line node for some reason.

I just don’t understand at all why it does what it does in the line node helppatch for instance.

anyways, it’s not that important. I’m probably just being thick.