Line spreads - arbitrary vectors

Hi, dear VVVV users !

I think i need some help to get a patch started, sorry for my lack of understanding the basics (yet)

I want to sort of “re-create” the aesthetics of the (handmade) film “Lines Horizontal” by Norman McLaren
(Lines Horizontal - YouTube)

At the core it’s a (horizontal) line going up and down the screen at a specific rate. i can do that.
After a while a second line is doing the same but at a different speed, then a third … etc …

I figure this should be a perfect task for spreaded vectors, but i honestly have no idea how / where to start. i would be thankful for any hint of you guys how to do that.

Also, if you happen to know a good tutorial on that topic, please speak out !

Thanks a lot - Oliver

lines_horizontal_01.v4p (13.8 KB)

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