Line Aspect in DX11

Hey, playing with triplehead I discovered that line in DX11 got a problem of vertical vs. horizontal

it’s possible to avoid this? Do someone got any ideas?

LineAspect.v4p (3.4 kB)

You need to use AspectRatio nodes. Actually you should with the dx9 one too, you just don’t notice as much because it keeps it’s width.

LineAspect.v4p (6.3 kB)

ok sorry I didn’t explain me! XD

my problem is- the line’s width! I mean, the shape is right, but the line’s width change if is horizontal or vertical…

Exactly. As @everyoneishappy said you should use AspectRatio.
Open his patch. In dx11 there’s AspectRatio (Layer DX11) to which you can connect your layers Gruop and FitIn them in view…

aha! ok, with an ApplyTransform on the points it works!
sorry you was right Thanks :)