Line alternatives


Is there any existing shader or other method which can replace line (dx9) by drawing some kind of line, curve, or tube in 3d between a set of control points?

I have problems with line when using multiple cameras in different positions to view the same space - the images dont match up properly. It seems something about the way line in rendered is view dependent, if ya catch ma drift.

The curve shader only uses two control points per curve by the look of it…


Hmmmmmmmaybe the particles GPU technique would be the solution for this?

Dottore, if you’re there, I think a couple of the images you posted recently had what I’m after in them - 3d bendy tube things!

Care to share ;)

Ok, seems it was just Line (EX9.Geometry) that was giving me issues.

Line (EX9) seems fine.

Only thing is that Line (EX9) gives each ‘segment’ (ie section of line between two vertices) out as a separate object in a spread, wheras Line (EX9.Geometry) gives each whole line out as one object.

This makes it very hungry to spread a Line via transform in, then colour each line differently, as you have to resample the colour spread by the number of lines * number of segments in each line, easily resulting a very large spread.

Is there any way to change this behavior?


yes its a module, you can change it according to your needs and save it with a new name.

Thanks Ton, I get that. Thing is that the Line shader gives out each part of the line as a separate object in a spread, so for a line made from 33 vertices, you will have a spread of 32 coming out of the shader. The other Line (EX9) does not behave like this. One line will be one object.