Lighting basics

ok. surely this one is a basic one…

how to handle beam of lighting on an objet ?

is this snapshot the box is my projection of texture; i would like to light it with beams +/- flooded.

maybe i m missing something ?

light.jpg (62.2 kB)

seems phong point is part of my question

in fact I do not understand if i can set a position of the light in the 3d global space…

could anyone explain to me wich tool we have under the hand for lighthing ?

and why light is relative to an object and not a world where the object is ?

Clipboard02.jpg (60.0 kB)

ai karistouf,

the light coordinates you hand to PhongPoint are in fact global so called “world” space, ie, absolute to the world, not relative to the object.

one major mistake i see in your screenshot is the Camera node that is connected to the renderer via only one link. while this works for basic scenarios it will likely cause troubles with shaders. note to always connect Camera (Transform Softimage) via two links:

  • View -> View Transform
  • Projection -> Projection Transform
    maybe that fixes your problems already.

ai joreg.
thanks first for this advice.

there is surely something I m missing…
what i would like to do is:

-use PNG as old theatre/opera decor technique

-one background, one foreground
-put them on 2 different Z space to make some distance and play with FOV

-use a light i can move to light this decor: move it from source position and for impact position and beam

what i am thinking genuinly is that:
i have 2 planes in a 3d space, i can light them and create also shadows etc…

am i wrong about the fact that normally with simple vvvv tools i can do it ?

digitals slaves helped me a lot:
Grid / normals / and Gouraud points are our friends !