Licensing for an NGO

Greetings to all vvvv community.

First of all you’ll have to forgive me for my strangely-constructed english.
I’ve got a little licensing question I would like you to clear.

I’m planning on organising an event in a non profit organisation on the theme of online privacy. In this context, I’d like to use VVVV in an installation in a sort of interactive game.

Anyway my question concerns the licensing. We are not planning to make any money in this event and the structure has a non-profit status. (non-commercial)
Do we have to pay a license to use vvvv in this context ? If yes, how much would that be for one week ?If not, I still would like to participate in the project maybe by sending you a donation. Do you accept them ?

Thanks in advance for you answer & of course I’ll share my patches if they’re worth it.

i’m not qualified to answer for devvvvs here, but this case seems legit for non-commercial usage imho.

also for a better definition… ;)

hei flyingd,

the legal status of the organization an installation (made with vvvv) is for is not important to the question whether commercial licensing applies. even in ngo and not-for-profit organizations money is typically involved. and vvvv is not a general sponsor of all kinds of ngos.

that said the more important question is getting payed doing the work with vvvv. if so, someone makes money using vvvv. if so, vvvv wants its share. if not, your interest in making the installation seems non-commercial and you’re welcome to go ahead.

and thanks, but no, we don’t accept bribes…ah donations.

hi m4d & Joreg and thx for the quick answers.

I don’t get paid to do it… or maybe a free diner if everything went well :)

You’ll have to buy Joreg a side order