Licenseing cost

Hi VVVV devs.

I really appreciate the licensing vvvv has and find the pricing fair. I am proud that I soon will purchase my first license.

besides this project where the licensing is no problem, I am puzzling around with an emerging idea about some kind of installation where I would potentially use a lot of netbooks in relatively remote places doing pretty simple tasks. This is not impossible economically even for a relatively low budget project to get hold of quite many little netbooks since you can get one for something between 200 and 300 euro if you are not too choosy.

I a case like this the license would more than double the cost of each little computer that will only perform simple tasks. And solving those tasks using vvvv would definitely make integration with a central rendering machine easier.

So my question/suggestion/wish is for a license for cases like this.

it could be made in several ways, one could be that you would need one full license for a project but had the option of purchasing an additional limited license where you are not allowed to do stuff you can’t do on a netbook anyway, with this you could install on up to a defined number of machines, five or ten perhaps, before you needed an additional license.

or you could have the “crippled” license for 50 euro/machine.

Just some thoughts that came to mind when I got my little netbook some months ago.

keep vvvv’ing


dir sune and all,

special vvvv licensing deals depending on the merchantability of a specific project can always be discussed via: