I am working on a project using stride to reposition, rescale, ect. Filteextures. On that machine the folder vvvv_gamma_2021.4.10 / lib / data / db now has a filesize over 200 GB.

Machine will not start any more. Can I delete the whole db folder completly?

Please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

yes, you can delete that, if you encounter problems afterward, copy the db folder from a fresh download of the same version over it.

Thank you for the quick reply.
What does vvvv put in these folders? Or: how can I stop that?

This folder is used by stride to cache assets, such as shaders, textures, models, etc. This makes loading shaders and assets the second time the project sees it extremely fast because they are already on disk in the native format.

vvvv currently doesn’t provide control over that in the UI or the nodes. Ideally, every file node would have a boolean to disable caching, if you work with ever-changing assets, for example.

The main problem however is, that the idea of the cache in stride is per project. So it should be next to the document, not in a central vvvv folder. Then it would be transparent and you would understand which vl document uses how much cache und you could easily clean the cache per document. But we didn’t have time to implement that yet.

You can avoid creating a cache for textures using TextureReader instead of FileTexture. And for models when using VL.Assimp or VL.Rhino3dm instead if FileModel.

Here is some info on that in the stride docu: Cached files | Stride

this is somehow related to an earlier discussion with the feature request to cleanup install folders with the gammalauncher, though not entirely the same.

the main issue is that vvvv does leave many unnecessary files at a place where users hardly clean up (or not even dare to as @kathi just reminded us). wouldn’t a quick solution (until a project-wise solution exists) just be a point in the settings (burger menu) that displays the cache-folders size and a cleanup-button right next to it (which purges all data from this folder)?


I was actually planning to include such a feature when re-writing the laucher with ImGUI (with a proper menu bar and all) but I just did not find time yet :) Would like to do this sooner than later though.

ah but you meant in vvvv’s burger menu, hehe, read too quickly :-) anyway, next version of the launcher should have a bunch of “clean” actions that could do just what you said, and also delete folders that don’t have vvvv.exe in them anymore ;)