LFO reverse pin

Hey there, I’m quite new to vvvv and at the moment I try to patch a very simple pong game. I get collision via the point2vector node and some got to the point where I get a 1 when the ball collided with my right quad and it changes back to zero when it collides with the left one, problem is: so far my ball uses lfo+waveshaper to get from left to right and want to cut the wave shaper and use the reverse pin on the lfo, is that possible? I can’t seem to find a way … Thanks for helping. Mori

Instead of lfo and reverse i would use integrate + map (in mirror mode)
An example patch would be helpfull ;)

for an implementation of pong also see:

should be quite self explaining, thanks for your help and also please tell me if there is something i could have done way easier…

fakepong.v4p (61.1 kB)

i cleaned up the girlpower pong example for you to make it easier to follow.

patternpong tidy (13.5 kB)