LFO dont work as it should

Hi , im a noobie . "Check the image Below i dont know why it dont show up"

Making the tutorial spreads2 i tried to add a lfo to the spreadcount of the linear spread but i dont get the desired effect , wich is adding more and less squares , oscilating.

I just get one square…

Do i have to change any of the lfo parameters ?

I tried all but no result.

Is there a way to define the lfo amount or amplitude ?

Can i bpm it ?

Can i make my own waveform , instead of just a sine wave , to use as LFO ?

Thanx. ;D

vvvvlfo.jpg (76.9 kB)

hi, have a look at the nodes Map (Value) and WaveShaper (Value) . also select one of it and press F1 to see its help patch.

the LFO’s output data is in the range [ 0 ; 1]( 0 ; 1)

so the way you connected that output it will only be spreadcount 1…

use a Map (Value) to alter the range:

e.g. from
“Source Minimum =0” and “Source Maximum =1”
“Destination Minimum =3” and “Destination Maximum =10”

will make the spreadcount go from 3 to 10.

HI KALLE , I got it ! but it goes like a ramp it goes up,up , up , then it instantly goes back to the minimum.

I want it to oscilate , up n down. do you know hoe to fix it ?

now i want to make the lfo beat synced , each waveform can be a cycle ( pattern , loop ).

I will check now the Map (Value) and WaveShaper (Value) , but do you know if there is any info on doing what i want ?



putting a WaveShaper (Value) with pin “Shape” set to “Sine” or “Triangle” between LFO (Animation) and Map (Value) will make your values go up and down continuously.

for syncing let me point you to one of the very first modules for vvvv at all:
Metronom (Animation)
vvvv didn’t even have AND (Boolean) once upon a time…

i took the time to revisit that module a little bit.

MetronomRevisited.zip (4.3 kB)

Wow man thanx for those files , the first one i dont understand it , it don`t do anything , the second one i get it altough i dont understand all the connections between the the nodes.

I make electronic music , minimal techno mostyly right now , so i want to do bpm synced stuff.

you can check muy web www.tweakingknobs.com

I really like the seconf pacth , could youy explain it a bit , or tell me if there is some info on that please , thanx !

oh man,
you have to go through the basics.

the “second” one is the help patch of the “first” one.

that means:

the “second” one CONTAINS the “first” one.

search the “second” one for a node “Metronom” and rightclick it.

the node “IIII Metronom” CONTAINS the “first” one, in fact it IS the first one.

better read here