LFO Animate & Crop (DShow9 Meraka)?

hi everyone!
i’ve tried to connect the output of the LFO(Animation) node to the Crop(DShow9 Meraka) node but this doesnt seam to work. (actually i used LFO & Map to change the value-range from e.g. 100 to 300). Do i have to perform some kind of data-type conversion before or is this not possible in general?

actually i’m trying to do a multi-video project looking something like this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WNj6n6DfME (forget about the first 10 sec) i did one version using 2 nested Renderers with Transformation nodes…etc.
it turned out that this gets quite complicated.(at least for me and my vvvv beginner skills) and i hope it can be done easier with the Crop node - or is there any other better way to do?

thanks a lot

do you use As Video in your patch before Crop(DShow9 Meraka) ?
remember having some troubles with it!

didnt use AsVideo in my test patch, just FileStream > Crop > VideoTexture > Quad > Renderer

helo supertube,

i just checked and seems Crop (DShow9 Meraka) and Scale (DShow9 Meraka) only run with RGB24 as input format which a filestream typically won’t output. you can force RGB24 by using one of the freeframe filters (e.g. Trautner (FreeFrame DShow9)) between filestream and crop and disable it.

while crop/scale should basically work then it would still not be the way to go for what you want. consider both nodes only useful for static settings, changing their pins at runtime doesn’t make sense as it always takes a while for the videograph to rebuild with the new settings applied.

what you should do instead is make the video a texture using VideoTexture (EX9.Texture VMR9) and play with texture coordinates on one or multiple quads. this way you will be able to achieve your desired effect.

can’t think of any good demopatch that does what you want but maybe start reading about texturing and texture transformation and come back with more detailed questions…