Lets vvvv copters 2, Ardupilot and Mavlink

Hi all, after Node13 I increase my intrest in robotics, and specialy into flying things, im into Rc quadcopters, recently got this baby

the system works with many softwares that support mavlink http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAVLink , basicaly you can control the quadcopter/rover/plane/tricopter/whatever flying robotic that you want from this protocol. Create UAV misions, and get all the data from the craft on the ground station via Mavlink. This Mavlink things its a wireless com port at 56000b

I think this could be interesting to work with because on that board you can get as many sensors as you want, and with that kit you already have 3gyro,3accel,3mag,UbloxGPS, and a wireless interface that can work up to 1 mile, or maybe more with the right antennas.

Im able to make the connection under vvvv with the RS232 node, with the right settings i can get the RawData from the mavlink, so vvvv its talking to the APM, from here the possibility’s are endless…

The question is, how to decode the data… according to the wikipedia article i need to look to the 6th byte, but how ? Rs232 to asstring and then cut the string and plit it ?

i would like to get all the documentation possible about rsr232 connection, or migth be another example of getting data with rs232 to keep researching