LED VIdeo Wall Protocol..HELP!

Hi Everyone, Ive been learning VVVV for just over a month and a bit now and have found myself agreeing to do a complex patch for a friend. He is proposing a new protocol for his own design Video wall. The hardware is built and working and has been tested with ArtNet but begins to get messy with all the patching and Universes used and after much discussion came up with a simple, theoretical solution…
I know the basis of the patch but am stuck where to go with it now. Its a case of, i know what the end result should be but getting there is a bit of a struggle. For the full explanation please take a look at the small website i have thrown together, and if you think you can help in any way (no matter how little!) it would be greatly appreciated.



similar to this?

digipic.zip (274.1 kB)

Hi Kalle, thanks, thats awesome! Just had a quick look trying to get my head around it at the moment.
This is another step closer!


sounds quite simple. where should the images orginate from? a Renderer? or a spread of colors?

Hi Oschatz, the idea was to use my patch Pixure and then translate the spread of color information.

I have been doing the same thing for dmx in Jitter for quite some time now. It’s relatively easy to iterate through a matrix and get the individual cell values.

For me the problems start when building the hardware, since video walls ideally use something like a VGA input, where multiple pixels can be handled natively. Try sending out 512^2 * RGB dmx messages at 30 frames / second… ugly situation.

I am rallying some people around me to design an open system for VGA to LED - here’s hoping to find a solution there…

What about 20 x 20 RGB pixels controllable directly via ArtNet ?

well, it still gets kind of ugly doing bigger setups. But the product looks great - any clues on price yet?

Direct to artnet liiks interesting, would make things allot tidier!