LED pixel mapping

I am breaking my little head on this…
Say I have a circularspread that Id like to display on my 144*9 led matrix (outputting on artnet)? How do I map xy vector to one big spread???



Your LED is 144*9 LEDS? Before starting to patch anything ‘cool’ you want to spend sometime on making a little simulation.
That way you can patch the cool stuff without having access to the LED screen.

2 ways to make content for LEDs, make something cool in a renderer and use a Pipet to collect the colors. Or patch it directly.

For your specific question, I would use Gridpick.

GridpickCirc.v4p (10.1 kB)

I should have made it a bit clearer. Its not really a screen more of a LED installation, but in a way it is 144*9. I have accesses to it when ever I want, It’s mine! ha ha!!! mine!!!
and Its only white…
I have a lot of cool stuff already running on it, but I couldnt get “screen” material to show on it.
But… I think gridpick is the answer, so thank you! Im gonna try it today and see


Haha, nice… Only white, dim-able or just on/off?
Projects like this is what I learned v4 for, so any more questions, please shoot.

(and to please the big chiefs, start a new post for a new question)

very dim-able even
they are setup in groups of three white LED (so instead of RGB you get WWW) thus permits triple dimming resolution!
For now everything is working wonderful… but thank you!