Leapmotion sdk 2

Anyone work with new sdk with vvvv.
I make chain python->osc->vvvv, but maybe it have an easier way to connect?

i’m planning to make a c# plugin as soon as i’ll have time for that

i also want to have a look in the next weeks. I think the existing node https://github.com/phlegma/vvvv-sdk/tree/develop/vvvv45/src/nodes/plugins/Devices/Leap
should just extended and updated by the new sdk and the new functions for hands and bones.

yes, the node in the vvvv sdk just needs an update. no need to write a new node for the 2.0 SDK, as most functions are the same.

i’d write a little bit more kinect like structure, for example separate objects for frames, for hands, for fingers, finger parts, bone hierarchy etc. so a little bit more organized than the current node we have

sounds interesting

hi microdee
i have the same idea in my mind. So we should stay in sync that we don’t do it twice. You can contact me irc or skype see @phlegma


some progress here. Updated the sdk to 2.0.
Just tested the 32bit build but should also possible for the 64bit.
Copy the folders into your vvvv 32.1 folder. This should replace the

  • VVVV.Nodes.Devices.Leap.dll
  • LeapCSharp.NET4.0.dll
    in the folder vvvv45\lib\nodes\plugins\
    and the Dependiecies
  • LeapCSharp.dll
  • Leap.dll
    in the folder vvvv45\lib\thirdparty\x86\

I splited the functions of the leap into nodes so that we have now:
Leap (Device)
Hand (Leap)
Finger (Leap)
Bone (Leap)
InteractionBox (Leap)

first tests show that the skeleton recognition is much more stable. You can cross
fingers and touch elements without fingers disappearing. Also there are some nice informations that can be found here:


merge request after some testing and some helpatches rework

some feedback is appreciated and also if you are messing something

Leap2.0.zip (683.1 kB)

strange but i cannot see the Hand, Finger, Bone and InteractionBox in nodebrowser (at vvvv b32.1, copied and overwritten every necessary files). what may i do wrong?

hi, same thing here. i cannot see the same nodes of microdee. i’m using vvvv32.1 32bit, latest leap sdk with skeleton capabilities

do the nodes show up if you open the helppatch in the zip folder?
upps looks like wrong provided patch.
have a look at this patch

Leap (Devices) help.v4p (43.3 kB)

nope… no text …

you should never change anything in the \vvvv… directory!

you should rather distribute such a test like a contribution still upload it here though until its tested, but don’t advise people to change anything in their \vvvv directory.

rather put all 4 .dlls in one dir called “\plugins\Leap”, tell people to put that into their \myContributions directory which they have referenced in their root.
also maybe give the plugin a version “test” (for now) to be able to distinguish it from the original.

sorry my fault.
was just quick and dirty.
Please do not delete anything.
I will provide a contribution for testing.

hope to test it soon, very exited about the new skeleton tracking :)

@phlegma: strange it shows up now… i haven’t done anything since yesterday

uh? very strange, i’ve tried also today but nothing, as yesterday. you should have changed something, but what? :)

i don’t know, i haven’t even opened vvvv between the two tests, i opened the help patch what phlegma sent though

:) so you are a luck guy :D
will wait for the release to test it, anyway very strange behaviour, at least courious :)

hmmm, found out something. i think is something related something old is still there. i mean, if i drag and drop VVVV.Nodes.Devices.Leap.dll from plugins folder directly in a patch i can see, and load, the new things :D