Leapmotion camera control / TUIO camera controll

I would like to get this kind of control in vvvv…

i have been playing a lot on how to make a drag camera control, i did it, then i was thinking in adding a inertia control, and when i was in the middle of the way, I found several post with the same idea, i will implement this in the future…

I also found a patch called Molecule viewer that does just that, so I took that patch and I adapted to the tuio data from the TUIOdecoder node

I was able to get pan/roll with 1 finger, 2 finger zoom, 2 finger drag, and when i started adding the roll movement I made a mistake… please look at the patch

Im doing this in 2d from tuio because everybody have a smartphone to test it, but the original idea is to implement this on the leapmotion

Here is the patch, I need some help with the roll movement, and if there is any other advice is welcome

Camera control for TUIO app (13.4 kB)

Probaste probando con el Cyclic de un Oscilator o de un Damper?

hi, not shure about what’s your problem with roll. but, if the problem is about when you put or take off the second finger (the weird rotation you have for a bit), i think i’ve resolved.

cameratuio2.zip (23.1 kB)

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microdee you are a genius ;) , thank you!!!