Leap Motion Controller Finger Position

I am a noob to vvvv, so I apologize if this is obvious. I have been reading as much as I can over the past few days, I still have not found the ah-ha moment when it sinks in.

I need to split the leap’s finger positions spread into 5 separate spreads each with 3 slices (x,y,z).

Currently I have the Leap Node and a IOBox attached to the Finger Positions pin. If I set the IOBox to have 15 rows, with 5 fingers visible to the leap I can see the 15 expected (x,y,z) slices. However with only 1 finger visible to the leap, I see 15 rows; each triple is repeated 5 times.

I can see that the Finger Position pin of the leap is sending a variable length spread of slices as output. What type of node is this? Can I segment the output of this pin such that I get a spread per finger; 3 values per spread?

Is there a way to look at the “source” of the leap node plugin?

Thanks in advance,

hello rob,

with GetSlice (Spreads) set to a Bin Size of 3 you can access the individual vectors. plaese read this page to get an idea how to work with spreads: Spreads

the code of the leap plugin is part of the vvvv-sdk on github: LeapNode.cs

@tonfilm Thanks. Got 1 point to render via your suggestion. Now I will need to make a patch to take in the finger position XYZ pin and provide out a spread of points.