Leap motion bone position - sdk 2 and up

There’s a method to extract the data of the bone position of the hand tracked by leap??

With the Leap motion api is possible extract is possible extract it with this two function:
hand.indexFinger to determinate which finger of any hand
finger.distal to determinate the position of the last part of finger.



yes, check out the new leap-nodes coming with the latest alphas.

Hello Joreg,
I’m trying to open the leap node in vvvv_50alpha34.103_x86 but it doesn’t work.
Attached you can see the log …



vvvv.exe-exception-2016-03-07.log (23.2 kB)

try this too https://github.com/microdee/leappack

Hello Microdee,
there’s a lot of red node when I open the leappack contributions ( i just download the contribution on website)

how it is wrong?



Hello microdee,
in x64 version of v4 all works except for the player node…

yeah i think i only compiled new ones for x64. is there anything you’re using from x86 and it doesn’t work from x64? yep i know about player if you don’t specifically need it just ignore it. Or you can fix it if you download mcropack https://github.com/microdee/VVVV.Packs.mcro and replace that plugin sequentialadd with the module sequentialadd (it’s a wrapper for integral btw), but judging from the looks of that girlpower you already have mcropack ;)

@aelfwine indeed there seems to be a problem with the latest alpha build. please try the one with the hash: 24b53af6a7

It’s works :)


now again working in latest alphas