Leap (Devices) VL



It seems as if the Leap (Devices VL) Node stops sending data after some time. Sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes after hours. This could be a VL/VVVV bug, because whenever this happens, the hands are still tracked in the “Diagnostic Visualizer” in the Leap Control Center. “Allow sending data to apps in background” is on, so it should still work in VVVV even if it’s not in focus. (The only thing which brings the data back to VVVV again is manually refreshing the Leap node with ALT+ right click). Any solution on this?

I experienced this issue with beta36_x64 on win8.1 and win10.


hei flux,

sorry for late…this is not a known issue here.

  • what is the best way to reproduce this? can you share a patch?
  • is this different to when you’re using the node in b34.2? (which is the pre-vl implementation)

and didn’t @microdee also have an alternative?


yup it uses Orion and also supports images for DX11:


@flux We had another look at this and unfortunatly we can’t reproduce it. What we can say is that our VL nodes are built using the V2 version of their SDK and not the newest Orion SDK. So once we update our VL nodes using Orion we’ll report back here.


@Elias: Thank you for your response. Yep, I only tested it with Orion installed, as everything seemed to work out of the box. The simplest way to test/reproduce this issue would be to run the Leap VL helppatch and the Leap “diagnostic visualizer” in parallel e.g. overnight.

microdee’s implementation doesn’t have this issue either. (But there seems to be something wrong with the base matrices…).


continues here: C# bindings for Leap SDK 4.0.0