Ld2000 questions


can anybody give me some more information about the ld2000 plugin. we have a network extension board laying around but I can’t get it to run. Any hints about compatibility and how it does work.


you can use the ld2000 node to either write (DoWrite = 1) or read (DoWrite = 0) frames. a frame is a set of points routed to a projection zone. projection zones can be routed to your scanner. the routing of projection zones to scanner can be configured in the software provided with ld2000 (showtime if i remember correctly).
the projection zone for each frame can be set via the projection zone input pin.
all input pins should be spreadable (where it makes sense). by default all points are written to one frame (frame size = -1). the bevahiour of frame size is similiar to other vvvv nodes with a bin size.

i hope this basic information is enough to get you up and running. i recommend playing around a little with the provided ld2000 software. for example you can write in vvvv to the ld2000 board and look at the written frames in the ld2000 software (it asks you at startup if you wanna keep the session running).

if you need further information, feel free to ask, but i’m not sure if i’m able to answer eveything, because i’ve no more test board here. i should have some emails lying around with the devs of ld2000 when i wrote this node. also eno here on the forums should have very good insight on this topic.

forgot to mention: you need the LD2000.dll of course. copy it to the plugins folder.

ok, i see there’s a little problem: the build file of the ld2000 plugin (tho node you’re using in vvvv) compiled it as LD2000.dll
that’s not correct. rename it to LD2000Plugin.dll and copy the LD2000.dll provided by pangolin to the plugins folder. sorry for that, will be fixed in next addon pack.

hi elias,

much thanks for the info – will check back when it’s running ;)