Launch and activate Logitech camera settings

is it possible to launch Logitech camera settings software when launching a VideoIn node? I can trigger the Property Page but that s not enough to activate the presaved settings, at least with a C920, you have to hit the Advanced Settings tab then the settings are activated.

can be done using vvvv.packs.image

Arrr almost there, what if I want to set it to automatic gain and exposure? Do I need to do it the vvvv way == average lightness in the texture, and set the vaues accordingly? Or can I access the “automatic” tic box with CV ?

also you can try and see if the hidden camera-config pins on VideoIn (DShow9) (via inspektor) work for you.

No that doesn t seem to have that kind of configuration either. I think that the “automatic” values are calculated and set within the Logitech Software (LWS) so there is no way ot access them with the common Dshow9 interface.
I am pretty sure other cameras have an auto-exposure settings on the Windows property panel, I am thinking of uninstalling the Logitech software and see if I can make it work with standard Windos drivers. Any hindsight about that?

I can only say that i have the same problem and also tried with windows drivers with same result. (same camera)

What i did not do however is to see if there would be some kind of registry hack.

I ended up not using auto exposure, but if you come across a solution, let us know. Would love to resolve this issue, also for future projects.

That reminds me of this:
I guess it did not help?

We decided to keep the machine on for one month…

is there a solution to this problem? I seem to have the same issue now with a 920C and I am having some trouble with Elliots image pack and video in.

any ideas?


the system is win7 64bit vvvv beta33.7x86 DX9