LattePanda - A PS45 Win10 Computer For Everything

Hey hardware guys,

I hope there was no thread already for this. There is an interresting hardware system coming up. I backed the project on kickstarter – “LattePanda”. By the way, they use VVVV as reference and target group of their business plan. Just wanted to know what you expect from this project or what options or problems you see related to this.

Greetings from Berlin


This sounds very interesting. is somewhat confirmed that VVVV could run on this machine…
…and what about kinect2? 64bit? etc??

Someone of the VVVV community know these guys?


Pretty Cool…+1 on Robe’s question

lattepanda states in the comments:

Get a LattePanda enhanced version, featureing with 4G RAM, 64GB eMMC and pre-installed 64-bit Windows 10.

so at least a 64 bit version is there. i would not expect a kinectv2 though…

(German version below)

Great! Will arrive to late for my upcoming project, however.
What available alternative can you suggest if i can’t wait for march?
I need to run HLSL shader code on 3 mini computers. I doesn’t have to be vvvv exactly, but i need to apply my HLSL skills including some geometry shaders and render 3x FullHD with 3 devices smoothly.

Thanks for your kind suggestions!


Toll! Würde ich sofort nehmen, aber kommt leider zu spät für mich.
Was wäre dem die beste Alternative, wenn man nicht bis März warten will?
Ich hab ein Projekt vor mir, wo ich HLSL shader code auf drei Kleinstcomputern laufen lassen will.
Es muss nicht unbedingt vvvv sein. Hauptsache, ich kann mit der HLSL-Denke ohne große Lernkurve damit 3x HD ausspucken und ein paar geometry shader nutzen.

Danke für eure Tipps!

Quoting a received message from LattePanda team:

“Lattepanda says:
Dear Luca,
Thank you for your interest. No. We didn’t test it with Kinect V2 yet. I’m asking a local friend for help to do the test. :)”

Soon we will know.

Thanks @esnho. Keep us updated!

Can’t find anything about vvvv on anymore,
nor in the german community forum.
It seems, the promises have been disappointed?
Btw. the expectation of a price near 45GBP was also obviously disappointed.

i have one here, i can post some test results once i found out stuff (especially how to utilize the GPIOs with vvvv and how good performace is)

edit: they can be just ordered at DFrobot

I have the 4G/64GB version
pre-ordered from DFRobot (it comes with w10 pre-installed)

It works with v4 but never tested with huge patches
just out of curiosity it ‘works’ also with k2 but i have 6 fps…only with rgb node

perfomance is around these small cheap windows tablets or the intel compute stick, depending on what you want to do its fast enough. So far im happy with it especially the onboard arduino can be quite usefull if u use it in a situation where you dont have a lot of space and want to have a lot of cabling for example robots with vision…

also it has 3 usb ports compared to the compute stick for example.

i use it to track fiducials with reactivision (ps eye) and display some movies/pictures. works fine.

but: there is termical problem. the cpu is on the bottom of the board, means heat cannot escape. result: cpu clocks down to slower speeds. some poeple solve that by adding fans and better thermal paste.

fo me it was enough to just place the board vertical instead of lying flat on the desk.

quote elektromeier for the ‘termical problem’
maybe something like this
could be useful

Hey all,
thanks for valuable feedback!
I’m about to design another “GPU does it all” video installation that has a couple of functions and a bunch of parameters, that’s it. No video playback, but some vertex shaders.

Would appreciate more feedback about framerates in FullHD.

PS.: What’S k2?

@ blausand

the gpu is of course not very fast. if you have some example patches i can test them for you.

hey guys, I am part of the lattepanda development team, currently I am handling the community side of things. I would love to share any vvvv related lattepanda creations to our wider community. we believe this device has a great potential with vvvv as it has a full version of win10 preinstalled as well as the onboard microcontroller for physical computing applications.

this example is a particular favorite of ours.
If anyone has anything similar using vvvv I would be really grateful if you could share it here or on our forum. We can give your project some wider exposure to our community and perhaps even collaborate on something going forward.

thanks, and greetings from shanghai!

I’m planning to use it as a software-defined radio receiver/transmitter to open our garage door from the internet and have some fun with amateur radio stuff

I have backed the udoox86 instead which it will be a bit bigger but more powerful and with plenty of video output options

The biggest appeal of Latte panda, compute stick atom based systems is that they allow you to run windows software off a power bank under the right circumstances, however each core is pretty weak and if you don’t need battery power a slightly more expensive system with better single core performance is probably better for most projects.

In any case the availability of cheap mini computers capable of running vvvv is great since it can bring down the cost of some commercial projects (the license now cost more than the computer it runs on!).