Latte Panda or UDOO for Home Automation Control Panel?

In a current exhibition project, we need a small touch screen to modify lighting settings easily.

Now I like the idea of having a fancy little 7" touch screen powered by a Panda. The vvvv app running on the panda will have to sport some fancy animations, but nothing too crazy.

Do you guys have any experience, what kind of panda is necessary for vvvv with half-decent framerates? Please share. Alternative thoughts are welcome too.

from my experience the original LattePanda likes to reduce the clock due to its missing heatsink. you’ll find plenty of models to equip it with a fan though, which apparently helps.

i’ve got an original LP and a LP delta lying around here. if you want i could give your patch a test run.

thanks, will approach you as soon as i have something to benchmark :face_with_monocle:

May also wanto to have a look at or

I have used the original standard panda for some low poly 3d rendering with particle effects and some mild post processing - 4 viewpoints at once (pepper’s ghost hologram). I’m sure it can handle a simple ui, the GPU on the atom is surprisingly not absolute garbage. I have installed a heat sink and a little fan to push air through the box it was installed in, it did indeed help keep the performance stable and good.

ok, just a follow up

I decided to get a Udoo Bolt, just for the heck of it. And damn, this thing is awesome.
Yes, it is a little overkill to use it for simple home system automation; the Vega gpu handles the gfx load easily. And the Ryzen itself is just a workhorse

This board has enough power to do the 4k video management for your mansion while training some neural networks to better anticipate your future needs, lol


Future proof choice I guess :)

Which one are you using? The V3 or V8?

If V3 that’s good to hear you still consider it plenty powerful as it’s both more available and cheaper.

It’s a V3, as all V8 are sold out. I played around with it today a little more, performance wise it holds up its promise. really starting to dig this low-power V1000 Ryzen. Availability should get better, for context udoo just finished sending out their kickstarter kits 2 weeks ago.

oh, a quick sep19 warning, it still has some childhood measles on windows. I cannot get it to multiscreen yet, nor can I flash the onboard leonardo. I am sure these will be addressed quickly, and thankfully I don’t need either atm. I am still excited about the ease of use, and the raw performance of it

edit: fixed the title of the thread to reflect its course

on the humble UdooX86 advanced (mid range) I ran 3x fullhd video @30 with hap

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