Latency issues with Waveplayer -> Vst -> AudioOut ---- help pls


I’m trying to trigger Sounds in realtime (with the keyboard for testing), but they come with a huge latency (about 400 ms).

SourceBufferNode doesn’t work on my Win7-System - don’t know, if this one would be faster. So it is the Waveplayer.
Changing the drivers in AudioOut-Node wasn’t successful either.

I thought, maybe my OnBoard-Sound was the prob - so I bought a SoundCard (Creative XFi Titanum). It feels a little faster now, but didn’t change the problem.

(When I use my keyboard as Input in Ableton, there is much less latency - so I suppose, it is about vvvv and not about my system.)
-> I thought about sending key-inputs simulated in vvvv over to Ableton via OSC - but I don’t know how to adress that, or if that solves the prob.

I also had an approach with using many FileStream-Nodes in stead of a VST plugin - but the sound Output was bad, since I’m simulating playing a piano for example, where I need all notes seperated …

Thx for your help in advance. I’m open to new approaches as well.

See “Latency” on Audio-Output.

thx Bjoern, I’ve been there, too.
This ‘reclock’-project is totally outdated. And the ‘kx’-project needs special soundcards. The newer soundcards with XFi don’t fit.

I just replaced my new soundcard by an old one of Creative, which is supported of the ‘kx’-drivers. And changed the driver in the Audio Out - Node. YEAH! It is much better now. Not as fast as triggering sound within Ableton via keyboard, but better than before.

AND: here comes the magic:
with the FAAST Toolkit for Kinect I can simulate keyboard inputs, that are send over to all (!) running applications. So, I have my vvvv-patch, Ableton with an instrument on the midi-track, and FAAST open. And the gestures I perform, which are translated into keyboard inputs, trigger sounds and graphics simultanously. That’s a good point to start from.