Last word on tracking

hi all!

i know that, every project is different, but by now i thought there must be a tried and proven path to do old fashioned (no kinect).
do you trust trautnerand contour, do you use external software like or some magic OpenCV plugin?

what i aim ot do:
camera (b/w everfocus, IR lit) sees 6x7 meter active area from above.
data needed:
x-value of the rightmost person
a value for over-all activity (are people dancing or standing still)

and, at best:
xy-coords of each person to project a circle around him/her
(or: a hint to how the video -> shader approach works)

unfortunatelly the very promising node10 workshop on tracking by @frank ))and ((user:wirmachenbunt is “still” missing the patches :-)

thanks a lot for any help!!!

hi m8, theme you asked is’t easy at all
first of all contour is a supper bitchy node so i would not recommend using it
since the algorithm clear as water you do background suppression, and then you track brighter parts of image someday someone would do hi-end version of that crap on gpu with compute… Guess can do it myself but to lazy doing other stuff.
So for now i can suggest you use eyesweb and send data via osc to vvvv

see elliot’s opencv implementation, very reliable for realtime tracking.
you will get your contours out easily

ok, patched something that hopefully works in real life.
has yet to be tested… (4.5 kB)