Laser Simulator with DMX?


I’m not sure if we are re-inventimg the wheel. Currently in our DMX community a discussion on Laser simulator is held, i.e. to simulate a DMX controlled laser device with a beamer. At least in small rooms with fog you can get impressive results.

Because I couldn’t detect a corresponding patch (except a bezier patch) I tried to implement a tool by my own as v4 beginner. For trying you need an ArtNet sender. The description of DMX channel functions is on right hand side of the patch.

Any hints? Is there already a tool or a reusable patch?


BeamerLaserSimulator_v001.v4p (35.7 kB)

i have not heard of a reusable patch for that; but i think even with simple patches you would have much more possibilities than you ever wanted to have.

my personal favourite node in a patch for something like this would be a TypoSpread (Spreads)

and note that with the SourceBuffer (DShow9) node you would have also the possibilities for connecting real Lasers.


take a look at

Laser Sim is a Java application that accepts control from any DMX lighting desk, and outputs to a video projector. It simulates a laser by projecting beams of light via the projector.

is there any pb of frequency to have the optical effect of the laser ?
hi dmxCfranck!

how is that sourcebuffer–laser thing done?
What is the main principle and why is it faster?

I’ve spotted it the first time at NODE08 at Eno’s laser drawings and was amazed!


@ henny: thanks for this hot tip. It was possible to make a vvvv-clone of that nice tool within one hour - also for me as absolute beginner in vvvv! The clone even contains some goodies :)

This demonstrates the great capabilities and efficiency of vvvv.
Remark: I omited the ArtNet interface, but this is given in the patch above.

@karistouf: Of course, you have different behaviour for laser and beamer. But the laser has only one point, the beamer has lots of points - thus you can reach great effects nevertheless with the beamer. Try it with my LaserSimClone :)

Regards Frank

LaserSimClone.v4p (24.4 kB)

hi franck ! this is a funny patch and yes this is beamer!
dont know if you would reach the laser effect. we need a frequency of flickering very high …
completely agree with you that video is a lighting tool and your beamer is beautifull ;-)

what is interresting is you artnet node inside the first patch.
its meeting my strong preocuppation of cues stacks for vvvv.
i mean using dmx controllers and their memories system to pilot vvvv without accidents of patches ( dmxC or schwz, or whatelse) … thruth preset sending and transitition over dmx…
finally dmx is a good way to remote and stock cues…