Laser controlled by VVVV (ILDA)

Hey everyone!

I’m currently making a project that includes real-time rgb-laser control via VVVV. I need to project quite simple generated geometry, generated in VVVV (SVG). I saw Lumax node there, and as far I understand, I can send my data through this node and have it converted to fit ILDA protocol requirements.

The problem is, that I don’t have ability to test it with laser and controller right now, and will be able to do this at the time which is very close to deadline, so I need to make a patch with a proper output and be (almost) sure, that when I connect it to controller it will work properly.

So, assuming I have a) vvvv-patch with Lumax node output, b) any ILDA-controller, and c) any ILDA-controlled laser projector will I get desired result or:

  1. I would need to have a specific controller for the Lumax node
  2. I would need to have a specific controller ADN a specific projector for the Lumax node
  3. I would have to deal with third-party software that comes with controller
  4. I would have to deal with any combinations of problems from 1–3


Thank you!

upd: the same question applies to RayComposer node

hi iam,

the Lumax (Devices) works for this device:
i am not familiar with ILDA but to my understanding from that device you can connect any projector that speaks ILDA and you should be good to go. no extra software involved.

still very risky not to test before going life…good luck!

hi joreg!

Thank you for the answer! I’ve tested Raycomposer node with my patch (and with Raycomposer) - everything looks working fine!