Large Artnet Environment

Hi evvvverybody,

I’m planning a project with around 16’000 DMX adresses. Is anybody experienced in using around 32 artnet nodes?
I’m planning to use 4times a node8 from ELC or 16times a ecue Butler.

The final project is a installation with over 16’000 white LEDs in a hall. They are arranged neary random (but I know the x and y of every pixel).
At the end I want to make a pixelmapping from the DX Renderer to the LEDs in the hall.

I plan to work with two computers. One that does my application and another computer that has a DVI Capturecard (datapath) and makes the pixelmapping.

What do you think about that setup and about the performance?

Thanks for your ideas and feedback


For the Butlers I´d go for DMX (Devices ecue Texture), you will have to do the pixelmapping in e:cues own patchelor but then it´s possible to address all devices with just one node. We once used it to control about 250 butlers from one computer, no performance problems what so ever.

Be warned though e:cue changed the format of those patch-files in versions >3.1? of the patchelor and the dll that controls the butlers (also provided by e:cue) is not able to read those, you´ll have to do the patch-file in version 3.1.