Lan-c node

hi there

would be great if we had a vvvv node for controlling in realtime a sony hdv camcorder thru a LAN-C node.

i’m not a programmer but seeing how the protocol works it doesn’t seem it would be too much complicated to build one: maybe

i’m sure a simple audio out port from a sound card could carry the signal from the computer to the lan-c connector of the camera

have anyone worked on this?


the new SourceBuffer would be the weapon of choice for misusing the audio out. it could be cool to create e.g. IR remote control with this.

for lanc it occurs to me that using the serial port sounds much simpler; especially for bidirectional communication.

you are right

but USB would even be bether then
i think to remember some site explaining it was also very easy

there a little and cheap adapter cables from usb to rs232 which mostly work 99.9% of the time.