Korg nanoPad

Been playing around with the nanoPad for a while and experiencing quite some latency. Is there a way to reduce that somewhere?

Found out that the input lag (around 40ms) affects all midi devices. So is there any chance to improve midi performance over USB?

just a thought:

All MIDI input nodes have a pin Buffer Length with a default value of 10. Decreasing this vlaue to 1 or even 0 reduces latency rigorous.
did you try this already?

Hi Kalle! Yes, I already did that. No Idea what this buffer means, btw? Explanation anyone?
It seems that midi is lame on XP systems in general - that’s what I read in various audio related forums.
I did a simple test with vvvv by trying to tap in a beat synchronously to a simple flashing quad and had to realize that it’s next to impossibe to do that. There’s always around 2 frames of delay…
Interestingly tapping it in utilizing a button of a USB mouse works fine so it’s obviously related to the poor midi implementation, which really sucks.

Another thing, which concerns me even more, is that midi signals seem to slow down significantly in vvvv as soon as some rendering is done. This can be observed in tonfilm’s svvvvitcher if you take a look at the inertial reaction of the gui’s sliders.

the buffer thing maybe has the wrong default with 10. it should be 0 as long as you want to make sure that every single midi-bit is received.

you know the issues with external interfaces and vvvvs mainloop…for continuous signals where it is not important to receive every single midi-message in the patch you can set buffer to 0

But how come my mouse is not being delayed? Is there any way to set or influence the priority of USB devices?

the mouse is being pulled. midi-messages are being pushed into vvvv.